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Press fitted tires

Press fitted tires

  • Designed to answer the requirements and expectations of today’s market
  • Built to the latest technology
  • Natural rubber mixture
  • Innovative tread design
  • Great dimensional quality of steel rim
Soft tires

Soft tires

  • Tread designed for superior traction in all applications
  • Superior quality rubber for resilience and excellent use properties
  • Designed to keep the turn of the pneumatic tire while having the advantages of a solid resilient tire
  • Multistage construction for long tire lifetime and soft turn
Industrial tires

Industrial tires

  • Designed for the longest possible lifetime and lowest failure rate
  • Massive tread and wide walls procuring optimum protection
  • 100% natural rubber for better tear resistance
Polyurethane tires

Polyurethane tires

  • Can be an excellent tire to use in high temperatures due to its heat resistance
  • Can be an excellent tire for applications with a lot of debris on the floor
  • Can be an excellent tire for especially heavy loads