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Batteries & chargers

As specialists for more than 18 years in the repair and calibration of fork lift batteries and chargers, Duraquip provides a direct service without going to a dealer. Our mobile units are equipped with many spare parts for repairing them: replacing lift truck battery cables, terminals, cells, connectors, contacts and more.

In the workshop, Duraquip has a large stock of new and used batteries and chargers for lift trucks ready to satisfy your needs. Also, we are equipped to de-sulfate your lift truck batteries and perform capacity tests in compliance with the applicable standards.

Serviced brands: Bassi, Energic Plus, Hobart, GNB, Deka, Rhino, C&D, Crown, BBI, Bulldog, Hawker, Oldham, Douglas, Exide, General, Enersys, Hup, Reaco, BWT, Aquapro.

Thanks to these mobile units, Duraquip offers an unequaled service and stands out in the field.